Watershed Management Program

Mike Ell

Program Manager


Nonpoint Source Pollution Prevention Program

The North Dakota NPS Management Program mission is to protect or restore the chemical, physical, and biological integrity of the waters of the state by promoting locally sponsored, incentive based, voluntary programs where those waters are threatened or impaired due to nonpoint sources of pollution. Our goalof the NPS Management Program is to initiate a balanced program focused on the restoration and maintenance of the beneficial uses of the States water resources (i.e. streams, rivers, lakes, reservoirs, wetlands, aquifers) impaired by NPS pollution.

TMDL/Watershed Liaison Program

The Total Maximum Daily Load/Watershed Liaison Program was created to develop TMDLs and make support easier to access for groups interested in sponsoring TMDLs and those currently involved with a watershed project. A TMDL is the amount of a particular pollutant that a particular stream, lake, estuary or other waterbody can "handle" without violating state water quality standards. Of course, this is a greatly simplified explanation! Once a TMDL is established, responsibility for reducing pollution among both point sources (pipes) and diffuse sources is assigned. Diffuse sources include, but are not limited to, run-off (urban, agricultural, forestry, etc.), leaking underground storage tanks, unconfined aquifers, septic systems, stream channel alteration, and damage to a riparian area.

Nutrient Reduction Strategy

Nutrient pollution is caused by the overabundance of phosphorus and nitrogen in the aquatic environment. Excessive nitrogen and phosphorus in water can cause health problems in people, fish and animals, and damage our lakes, rivers, reservoirs, streams and wetlands. Excessive phosphorus and nitrogen may also result in increased costs to treat water for human consumption from surface water supplies.

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Anderson Carl cjanders@nd.gov WQ — Groundwater - Program Manager 701.328.5213
Collins James jcollins@nd.gov WQ — Watershed Management - TMDLs 701.328.5161
Crowdus Kory kcrowdus@nd.gov WQ — Spill Investigation 701.328.5202
Ell Mike mell@nd.gov WQ — Watershed Management - Program Manager 701.328.5214
Espe Brady bespe@nd.gov WQ — Permits - CAFO/AFO 701.328.5228
Giuliani Bill wgiuliani@nd.gov WQ — Permits 701.328.5285
Gleich Casey ctgleich@nd.gov WQ — Groundwater 701.328.4164
Gross Joe jlgross@nd.gov WQ — Watershed Management - Database Mgmt 701.328.5292
Grossman Dallas dgrossma@nd.gov WQ — Permits - Stormwater 701.328.5242
Hargiss Mike mhargiss@nd.gov WQ — Watershed Management - TMDLs 701.499.5209
Haroldson Marty mharolds@nd.gov WQ — Permits - Program Manager 701.328.5234
Harries Alison aharries@nd.gov WQ — Groundwater - Database Mgmt 701.328.5217
Husband Heather hduchsch@nd.gov WQ — Watershed Management - TMDLs 701.537.2043
Kannenberg Derek dKannenberg@nd.gov WQ — Groundwater 701.328.5296
Lang Jeremy jmlang@nd.gov WQ — Permits - CAFO/AFO 701.328.5219
Larsen Aaron allarsen@nd.gov WQ — Watershed Management 701.328.5230
Nett Joe jnett@nd.gov WQ — Watershed Management 701.328.5227
Nieraeth Shawna sNieraeth@nd.gov WQ — Groundwater 701.328.5267
O'Gorman Brian bogorman@nd.gov WQ — Spill Investigation 701.328.5177
Olson Paul paulrolson@nd.gov WQ — Watershed Management 701.328.5233
Peterson Andrew awpeterson@nd.gov WQ — Groundwater 701.328.5294
Piper Dianna dpiper@nd.gov WQ — Administrative 701.328.5210
Rockeman Karl krockema@nd.gov WQ — Director 701.328.5225
Roerick Jeff jroerick@nd.gov WQ — Permits - Discharges 701.328.5240
Sandness Greg gsandnes@nd.gov WQ — Watershed Management - NPS 701.328.5232
Sandvick Duane dsandvick@nd.gov WQ — Permits - Stormwater 701.328.5260
Schuett Patrick pschuett@nd.gov WQ — Permits - Database Mgmt 701.328.5235
Souder Taylor tSouder@nd.gov WQ — Spill Investigation 701.328.5236
Starr Sarah sstarr@nd.gov WQ — Permits - 701.328.5215
Stockdill Scott sjstockdill@nd.gov WQ — Spill Investigation 701.328.5241
Strommen Rachel rstrommen@nd.gov WQ — Permits - CAFO/AFO 701.328.5244
Suess Bill bsuess@nd.gov WQ — Spill Investigation - Program Manager 701.328.5216
Suggs Shannon ssuggs@nd.gov WQ — Groundwater 701.328.6409
Swanberg Samantha sswanberg@nd.gov WQ — Permits - Stormwater 701.328.5239
Waldron Feld Sarah sfeld@nd.gov WQ — Permits - 701.328.5237
Wax Peter pwax@nd.gov WQ — Special Projects 701.328.5268
Wells Whitney wwells@nd.gov WQ — Watershed Management - TMDLs 701.328.5253