Open Records Requests


Determine whether the information you are seeking is on our website and available for download without making an open records request.
For more information you may email:

Generally, records maintained by state agencies are open and available to the public with certain legal exceptions. We provide records that can be legally released to the public within a reasonable period of time. If we do not provide all or part of the requested records, we will tell you why the records cannot be released. The record search contains no evaluation of the potential environmental impact to the site, nor does any EHS response constitute a Phase I Environmental Assessment of the property. Further, the absence of information on a particular parcel or property does not necessarily mean that there are no environmental concerns connected with the property.

  • Fill out this NDPDES FORM for pollution records
  • Fill out this FORM for all other records (send, print and save functionality built into form)
  • Respond to inquiries from us for clarification of your request, if any.

If we notify you that payment will be needed before the request is filled, send in your payment as specified - we will not work on your request until payment is received
Services Cost Per
Copies 25¢ Page/Side
Locating Records $25 Hour for Staff, 1st hour free.
Excising confidential or closed material $25 Hour for Staff, 1st hour free.
Other TBD For other cost incurred during the records request.


Not all files and databases contain or are searchable by geospatial data, especially older records, so information about current and former site ownership, facility name, and property use is necessary to perform a complete search. The longer it takes us to fill a request, the more expensive it is for the requester.

To limit the time we spend:
  • Fill out the forms with as much information as possible (although this is not required under state law, it helps expedite your request, thereby lowering costs)
  • Be as specific as possible as to what you are requesting
  • If requesting records for a property, include as much identifying information as possible:
    • Site name or present company or business name
    • Historical site name, company or business names
    • Property owner, if not the company or business on-site
    • Present and historical use of the property
    • Street address and city of the property
    • County, Township, Range, Section and Lat/Long coordinates (Use ND GIS Hub)
    • A lat/long coordinate (if the request includes LUST or UST, check UST and LUST online listings first)
    • Map and/or aerial photo of property with it clearly marked - include named cross streets
    • Radius of search arc
    • Type of environmental information requested
    Please note: requests that contain only a location street address are insufficient to perform an adequate search, and will be returned to the sender.
  • Limit the time interval of your request by specifying a start date and end date
  • Ask for information only in electronic format

Interested parties may review files in person at our offices during normal working hours. No appointment is necessary, but it is helpful if you contact the department in advance to coordinate your review. Please contact the department at 701-328-5210.

Program Area Exemption Description Law/Rule
Water Quality - Ground Water Ambient Ground water data with specific well location information listed. All well location information must be redacted. NDCC 23.1-11
Municipal Facilities - Drinking Water Location information of Public Water intake structures (Surface or Ground water) NDCC 44-04-24