Division of Air Quality (DoAQ)

We work to safeguard the health and environment of North Dakota. Programs within the Division deal with issues that affect the comfort, health, safety and well-being of all North Dakota citizens and their environment. Enforcement of state and federal environmental laws is accomplished through the permitting, inspection, sampling, analytical services and monitoring activities of the Division.

James L. Semerad

Director, Division of Air Quality

North Dakota Department of Environmental Quality (NDDEQ)
Division of Air Quality
4201 Normandy Street, 2nd Fl.
Bismarck, ND 58503-1324

H: Monday - Friday: 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM
P: 701-328-5188
F: 701-328-5185
E: AirQuality@nd.gov

Air Quality Division Employee Email List

Last Name First Name E-Mail Address Program Phone
Bachman Tom tbachman@nd.gov AQ Permitting 701-328-5187
Baumgartner Paul pBaumgartner@nd.gov AQ Ambient Monitoring 701-328-5181
Bingert Matt mbingert@nd.gov AQ Compliance 701-328-5192
Colton Connie ccolton@nd.gov Air Quality Division 701-328-5150
Doyle Heather hdoyle@nd.gov AQ Oil & Gas Compliance 701-328-5178
Erickson Ernest eberickson@nd.gov AQ Ambient Monitoring 701-328-5173
Hinnenkamp Keith khinnenk@nd.gov AQ Compliance 701-328-5196
Jahraus Sherri sjahraus@nd.gov Air Quality Division 701-328-5203
Jones Cristy Cristy.Jones@nd.gov AQ Permitting 701-328-5283
Jones Jordan jnjones@nd.gov AQ Oil & Gas Compliance 701-328-5260
Kautzman Rheanna rKautzman@nd.gov AQ Permitting 701-328-5186
Kline Gary gkline@nd.gov Air Quality Division 701-328-5180
Kokkinen Jack jkokkinen@nd.gov AQ Oil & Gas Compliance 701-328-5298
Martin Russell rsmartin@nd.gov AQ Oil & Gas Compliance 701-328-4639
Mayer Justin jmayer@nd.gov AQ Ambient Monitoring 701-328-5261
McDaniel Paige pMcdaniel@nd.gov AQ Compliance 701-328-2381
Miller Adam Adam.Miller@nd.gov AQ Oil & Gas Compliance 701-328-5266
Miller Elijah elijah.miller@nd.gov AQ Ambient Monitoring 701-328-5286
Mills Ryan rmills@nd.gov AQ Ambient Monitoring 701-328-5254
Perkins Patrick pperkins@nd.gov AQ Oil & Gas Compliance 701-328-5183
Peterson Wyatt Wyatt.Peterson@nd.gov AQ Permitting 701-328-5184
Pfaff Rebekah rpfaff@nd.gov AQ Compliance 701-328-5263
Rivinius Nicole nRivinius@nd.gov AQ Oil & Gas Compliance 701-328-5201
Rookey Adam aRookey@nd.gov AQ Oil & Gas Compliance 701-328-5195
Schneider Kyla kkschneider@nd.gov AQ Permitting 701-328-5218
Seligman Angela aseligman@nd.gov AQ Compliance 701-328-5291
Semerad Jim jsemerad@nd.gov Air Quality Division 701-328-5179
Stroh David deStroh@nd.gov AQ Permitting 701-328-5229
Thorstenson Craig cthorstenson@nd.gov AQ Permitting 701-328-5198
Thorton Rhannon rThorton@nd.gov AQ Compliance 701-328-5271
Trythall Elizabeth ektrythall@nd.gov AQ Permitting 701-328-5153
Voth Jaden jvoth@nd.gov AQ Compliance 701-328-5274

Last Updated: 09/13/2021

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