AQ Public Comments & Notices

Air Quality permits that are open for public comment are listed below. These are open for anyone to review and make comments on. If you have comments please address them to the Department personnel listed in the public notice. Comments will be reviewed by the Department, and responses to comments will be made available after the comment period has closed and all comments have been reviewed.

Send Comments to:

North Dakota Department of Environmental Quality (NDDEQ),
Division of Air Quality

918 E. Divide Ave, 2nd Floor
Bismarck, ND 58501-1947

Note: Only permits that are open for public comment within the Division of Air Quality are posted here. Other permits, licenses and notices may be posted by other Divisions within the Department elsewhere.
All North Dakota Department of Environmental Quality Public Notices Tips for Making your Public Comments Count

CHS, Inc.

Minot Pipeline Terminal (Fuel Terminal)

Ward County

Hazen Public Schools

Hazen Public Schools heating plant (Heating Plant)

Mercer County

Dakota Gasification Company (DGC)

Great Plains Synfuels Plant (Coal Gasification Plant/Nitrogen Fertilizer Plant)

Mercer County

University of North Dakota (UND)

UND heating plant (Heating Plant)

Grand Forks County

1804 Ltd. LLC

Springbrook Gas Plant (Natural Gas Processing)

Williams County

Jahner Sanitation, Inc.

Jahner Sanitary Landfill (Landfill)

SMcIntosh County

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