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Dave Glatt

Chief, Environmental Health Section

Environmental Health Section
918 E. Divide Ave, 4th Floor
Bismarck, ND 58501

H: Monday - Friday: 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM
P: 701.328.5150
F: 701.328.5200

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Gold Seal Center

  Air Quality

P: 701.328.5188
F: 701.328.5185

  Chemistry Lab

P: 701.328.6140
F: 701.328.6280

  Municipal Facilities

P: 701.328.5211

  Waste Management

P: 701.328.5166

  Water Quality

P: 701.328.5210

  Spill Investigation

Report a Spill:
P: 1.800.472.2121 or out-of-state numbers may call 701.328.9921

Laboratory Services
2635 East Main
P.O. Box 5520
Bismarck, ND 58501

H: Monday - Friday: 8:00 AM to 4:30 PM
P: 701.328.6140
F: 701.328.6280

Environmental Training Center
2639 East Main
P.O. Box 5520
Bismarck, ND 58501

H: Monday - Friday: 8:00 AM to 4:30 PM
P: 701.328.6628

Fargo Field Office
1120 28th Ave N, Suite B
Fargo, ND 58102

H: Monday - Friday: 8:00 AM to 4:30 PM
P: 701.499.5208
F: 701.235.7394

Gwinner - Big Dipper Enterprises Field Office
7972 129th Ave. SE
P.O. Box 218
Gwinner, ND 58040

H: Monday - Friday: 8:00 AM to 4:30 PM
P: 701.678.2308
F: 701.678.2083

Sawyer Disposal Services Field Office
12400 247th Ave. SE
P.O. Box 218
Sawyer, ND 58781

H: Monday - Friday: 7:30 AM to 4:00 PM
P: 701.624.5332
F: 701.624.5785

Towner Field Office
314 Main St. South #2
Towner, ND 58788

H: Monday - Friday: 7:30 AM to 4:00 PM
P: 701.537.2043

Employee Email List

Last Name First Name E-Mail Address Program Phone
Abel Chuck MF Drinking Water SRF 701.328.5207
Adams Renae Chemistry
Anderson Carl WQ Ground Water Monitoring 701.328.5213
Auen Cindy Chemistry
Bartholomay Craig MF Operator Training & Inspection 701.328.6626
Bergsagel Dave MF Clean Water SRF 701.328.5212
Bingert Matt AQ Permitting & Compliance
Boschee Lorie Waste Management Division 701.328.5166
Brown Barrett MF Drinking Water 701.328.5209
Bruschwein David Municipal Facilities Division 701.328.5259
Cain Cindy Chiefs Office
Cameron Dave WM Underground Storage Tank 701.328.5166
Carman Patty Municipal Facilities Division 701.328.5211
Cech Charles Chemistry
Collins Jim WQ Watershed Management 701.328.5161
Colton Connie Air Quality Division
Crowdus Kory WQ Spill Release 701.328.5202
Deibert Karen AQ Radiation Control
Delzer Alexis WM Solid Waste 701.328.5166
DeWald Matthew Chemistry
Diede Colette MF Drinking Water SRF 701.328.5163
Disney Robert WM Hazardous Waste 701.328.5166
Ell Mike WQ Watershed Management 701.328.5214
Erickson Ernest AQ Ambient Monitoring
Espe Brady WQ NDPDES Permitting 701.328.5234
Fasching Skye WM Solid Waste 701.328.5166
Feist Julie MF Operator Training & Inspection 701.328.6628
Fisher Shannon MF Drinking Water SRF 701.328.5220
Freier Warren AQ Xray
Fritz Ann Chiefs Office
Gabriel John Chemistry
Gebhardt Mary Waste Management Division 701.328.5166
Glatt Dave Chiefs Office
Gleich Casey WQ Ground Water Monitoring 701.328.4164
Gross Joe WQ Watershed Management 701.328.5292
Grossman Dallas WQ NDPDES Permitting 701.328.5242
Guiliani Bill WQ NDPDES Permitting 701.328.5285
Haaland Rob Chemistry
Haberstroh Gary Chiefs Office
Hall Derek WM Hazardous Waste 701.328.5166
Hargiss Mike WQ Watershed Management 701.499.5209
Haroldson Marty WQ NDPDES Permitting 701.328.5234
Harries Alison WQ Ground Water Monitoring 701.328.5217
Heinle Shawn MF Operator Training & Inspection 701.328.6627
Herreid Stacey MF Drinking Water 701.328.5287
Hinnenkamp Keith AQ Permitting & Compliance
Husband Heather WQ Watershed Management 701.537.2043
Hyatt Charles Waste Management Division 701.328.5166
Jahraus Sherri Air Quality Division
Johnson Allen Chiefs Office
Johnson Kirk WM Solid Waste 701.328.5166
Jones Cristy AQ Permitting & Compliance
Kangas Jane AQ Indoor Air 701.328.5188
Kangas Kathleen WM Solid Waste 701.328.5166
Kannenberg Derek WM Hazardous Waste 701.328.5296
Kautzman Rheanna AQ Permitting & Compliance
Kline Gary AQ Permitting & Compliance
Knapp Allan AQ Radiation Control
Kosse Kevin Chemistry
Lamphear Tammy MF Drinking Water 701.328.5295
Lang Jeremiah WQ NDPDES Permitting 701.328.5219
Larsen Aaron WQ Watershed Management 701.328.5230
Lawson James AQ Xray
Lee Laura Waste Management Division 701.328.5166
Loutzenhiser Mark AQ Ambient Monitoring
Lunde Teri Chiefs Office
Lundquist Tracy WM Solid Waste 701.328.5166
Lydon Rondal (Joe) MF Drinking Water 701.328.5221
Markhouse Robert MF Operator Training & Inspection 701.328.6623
Martin Russell AQ Permitting & Compliance
Mayer Justin AQ Permitting & Compliance
Mertz Marilyn Chiefs Office
Miller Adam AQ Permitting & Compliance
Miller Elijah AQ Ambient Monitoring
Miller Melissa Chiefs Office
Mills Ryan AQ Ambient Monitoring
Mittelsteadt Mark WM Underground Storage Tank 701.328.5166
Nafie Talha MF Clean Water SRF 701.328.5278
Neale Thomas Chemistry
Nemeth Thomas Chemistry
Ness Carl WM Underground Storage Tank 701.328.5166
Nett Joseph WQ Watershed Management 701.328.5227
Nieraeth Shawna WQ Ground Water Monitoring 701.328.5267
O'Clair Terry Air Quality Division
Ogorman Brian WQ Spill Release 701.328.5177
Olson Brooke AQ Radiation Control
Olson Paul WQ Watershed Management 701.328.5233
Otto Justin AQ Asbestos Control
Panchol Reuben WM Underground Storage Tank 701.328.5166
Papalichev Hristo WM Solid Waste 701.328.5166
Patch Ron AQ Ambient Monitoring
Patrick Dale AQ Indoor Air
Peterson Andrew WQ Ground Water Monitoring 701.328.5294
Peterson Eric Chemistry
Peterson Wyatt AQ Indoor Air
Pfaff Rebekah AQ Permitting & Compliance
Piper Dianna Water Quality Division 701.328.5210
Poppke Ted WM Solid Waste 701.328.5166
Quarnstrom James Chemistry
Rivinius Nicole AQ Permitting & Compliance
Rockeman Karl Water Quality Division 701.328.5212
Roerick Jeffrey WQ NDPDES Permitting 701.328.5240
Roob Christine WM Hazardous Waste 701.328.5166
Rookey Adam AQ Permitting & Compliance
Sandness Greg WQ Watershed Management 701.328.5232
Sandvick Duane WQ NDPDES Permitting 701.328.5260
Schafer Jacob MF Operator Training & Inspection 701.328.6375
Schick McKenzie WQ Watershed Management
Schiermeister Robin WM Underground Storage Tank 701.328.5166
Schmitt Bryan MF Drinking Water SRF 701.328.5299
Schneider Kyla AQ Permitting & Compliance
Schuett Patrick WQ NDPDES Permitting 701.328.5235
Seerup Josh MF Drinking Water 701.328.5257
Seibel Maggie Chemistry
Seligman Angela AQ Permitting & Compliance
Semerad Jim AQ Permitting & Compliance
Souder Taylor WQ Spill Release 701.328.5236
Starr Sarah WQ NDPDES Permitting 701.328.5215
Stewart Gregg MF Operator Training & Inspection 701.328.6621
Stockdill Scott WQ Spill Release 701.328.5241
Stoppler Sharmaine MF Clean Water SRF 701.328.5238
Stradinger David AQ Radiation Control
Striebel Ivana WM Hazardous Waste 701.328.5166
Stroh David AQ Permitting & Compliance
Strommen Rachel WQ NDPDES Permitting 701.328.5244
Suess Bill WQ Spill Release 701.328.5216
Suggs Shannon WQ Ground Water Monitoring 701.328.6409
Swanberg Samantha WQ NDPDES Permitting 701.328.5239
Thorstenson Craig AQ Permitting & Compliance
Tillotson LeeAnn MF Drinking Water 701.328.5293
Tokach-Duran Elizabeth MF Clean Water SRF 701.328.5256
Torgerson Brad WM Solid Waste 701.328.5166
Trussell Diana WM Solid Waste 701.328.5166
Trythall Elizabeth AQ Permitting & Compliance
Trythall Mike MF Drinking Water 701.328.5269
Ussatis Todd Chemistry
Vetter Leon WM Underground Storage Tank 701.328.5166
Vo Hao MF Clean Water SRF 701.328.5222
Voth Jaden AQ Permitting & Compliance
Waldron Feld Sarah WQ NDPDES Permitting 701.328.5237
Walsh Jeni MF Drinking Water 701.328.5231
Wanner Tyra Chemistry
Washek Sandra AQ Lead Based Paint
Wavra Greg MF Drinking Water 701.328.5224
Wax Peter WQ Watershed Management 701.328.5268
Wellman Aaron MF Drinking Water SRF 701.328.5284
White Rob AQ Modeling
Woldeyes Henok MF Drinking Water SRF 701.328.5276