Environmental Health Section

The Environmental Health Section consists of five Divisions and numerous programs responsible for protecting the State's air and water resources, for ensuring the control of radiation, and the proper disposal of waste. Staff scientists, engineers, technicians, and meteorologists also provide technical assistance during environmental matters and emergency response efforts.

Our Mission

The mission of the North Dakota Department of Health is to protect and enhance the health and safety of all North Dakotan's and the environment in which we live.

To accomplish our mission, the North Dakota Department of Health is committed to improving the health status of the people of North Dakota, improving access to and delivery of quality health care, preserving and improving the quality of the environment, promoting a state of emergency readiness and response, and achieving strategic outcomes within available resources.

Environmental Health Section and EPA Vision Statement

The North Dakota Department of Health and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) are committed to protecting and enhancing North Dakota's public health and the environment.

Our Core Values

  • We are public servants employed on behalf of the citizens of the state of North Dakota and dedicated to serving them by protecting public health and the environment.
  • Our decisions are based upon strong science and applicable law.
  • We do not let process get in the way of results.
  • We believe economic development can be compatible with protection of public health and the environment.
  • We promote the conservation and recycling of our limited resources.
  • We believe there can be more than one answer to any challenge; we strive to find the optimum solution.
  • We prioritize transparency in our actions, accountability for our decisions, consideration of all concerns, and clear and consistent communication.
  • We will be accessible and provide timely response to the public.
  • We encourage the building of partnerships.

We Value

  • Excellence in providing services to the citizens of North Dakota.
  • Credibility in providing accurate information and appropriate services.
  • Respect for our employees, our coworkers, our stakeholders and the public.
  • Creativity in developing solutions to address our strategic initiatives.
  • Efficiency and effectiveness in achieving strategic outcomes.

Last Updated: 01/05/2018