NPS Grants


The following documents outline the format and information needed to apply for a Section 319 grant.

  • Watershed Projects - Watershed PIP Guide
  • Information/Education Projects - I/E PIP Guide
  • Support Projects - Support project plans will be developed according to the current guidance which is available upon request.
  • Assessment Projects - Assessment project plans will be developed according to the current Quality Assurance Project Plan guidance which is available upon request.

Grant Application Timeline

  • October 1st - Draft Project Proposal Due.
  • November Proposal review & comment period for the NPS Task Force
  • Nov/December Task Force comments provided to sponsors and final proposals are completed
  • January Final Project Proposal Due.
  • February Final Proposal Review & Approval completed by ND NPS Task Force
  • February/March Grant application & Task Force approved project plans submitted to EPA
  • April - June Grant Award issued to the state and funds allocated to the project sponsors.

This timeline is subject to change. Please contact the Department for exact dates.


Water Quality Division Employee Email List (click to expand)

Last Name First Name E-Mail Address Program Phone
Anderson Carl WQ Ground Water Monitoring 701.328.5213
Budde Nick WQ Ground Water Monitoring 701.328.5267
Carlson Maren WQ Watershed Management 701.328.5230
Christensen Emily WQ Watershed Management 701.328.5243
Collins Jim WQ Watershed Management 701.328.5161
Crowdus Kory WQ Spill Investigation 701.328.5202
DeVries Sam WQ NDPDES Permitting 701.328.5215
DeVries Taylor WQ Spill Investigation 701.328.5236
Espe Brady WQ NDPDES Permitting 701.328.5228
Gleich Casey WQ Ground Water Monitoring 701.328.4164
Gross Joe WQ Watershed Management 701.328.5292
Grossman Dallas WQ NDPDES Permitting 701.328.5242
Haroldson Marty WQ NDPDES Permitting 701.328.5234
Harries Alison WQ Ground Water Monitoring 701.328.5217
Husband Heather WQ Watershed Management 701.537.2043
Jeannotte Tyson WQ NDPDES Permitting 701.328.5219
Joynt Emily WQ NDPDES Permitting 701.328.5239
Kaiser Don WQ Spill Investigation 701-328-5151
Kitzes Edwin WQ Watershed Management 701.328.5253
Kramer Nic WQ NDPDES Permitting 701.328.5240
Larsen Aaron WQ Watershed Management 701.328.5230
Lightfoot Allison WQ NDPDES Permitting 701.328.5285
Lund Dylan WQ Spill Investigation 701.328-5169
Nett Joseph WQ Watershed Management 701.328.5227
O'Gorman Brian WQ NDPDES Permitting 701.328.5177
Olson Paul WQ Ground Water Monitoring 701.328.5233
Piper Dianna Water Quality Division 701.328.5210
Rockeman Karl Water Quality Division 701.328.5212
Roth Taylor WQ Ground Water Monitoring 701.328.5294
Sandness Greg WQ Watershed Management 701.328.5232
Schick McKenzie WQ Watershed Management 701-328-5288
Schuett Patrick WQ NDPDES Permitting 701.328.5235
Stockdill Scott WQ Spill Investigation 701.328.5241
Strommen Rachel WQ NDPDES Permitting 701.328.5244
Suess Bill WQ Spill Investigation 701.328.5216
Suggs Shannon WQ Ground Water Monitoring 701.328.6409
Waldron Feld Sarah WQ NDPDES Permitting 701.328.5237
Wax Peter WQ Special Projects 701.328.5268
Wert Joshua WQ Watershed Management 701-328-5214