Waste Management Publications

List of publications produced by the Division of Waste Management.

Hazardous Waste Program

Management Of Agricultural Chemical Spills, Reporting And Remediation

Management Of Used Antifreeze
Antifreeze Recyclers

Hazardous Waste Management Companies
Emergency Response Contractors

Management Of Onsite Distillation Units And Still Bottoms

Voluntary Guidelines For Methamphetamine Laboratory Cleanup

Moving Or Cleaning

Laboratory Certification

Don't Flush
North Dakota Pharmaceutical Waste Guidance

Mercury (Including Lamps)
Dental Metal Recyclers
Lighting Recyclers
Mercury Recyclers
Recycling Fluorescent Bulbs - A Guide For Businesses
Compact Fluorescent Lights Recycling And Disposal Options

Household Paint Wastes
Management Of Miscellaneous Paint Wastes
Management Of Lead-Based Paint Debris

Polychlorinated Biphenyls
Management Of PCB Wastes

Rags And Wipes
Solvent Contaminated Wipes Summary

Universal Waste
Universal Waste Recyclers

Used Oil
Management Of Used Oil Filters

Managing Used Oil: A Guide For Businesses
Management Of Used Oil Collection Centers
Used Oil Release Response Guide

Vape Wastes
Vape Waste Disposal

Automotive Fluids Use, Storage And Disposal
Household Automotive Wastes

Waste Handlers
North Dakota Hazardous Waste Compliance Guide
Large Quantity Generator And Treatment, Storage And Disposal Facility Inspection Checklist
Small Quantity And Very Small Quantity Generators Inspection Checklist
Labeling And Marking Requirements
Container Inspection Log Sheet

Solid Waste Program

Aggregate (Includes Concrete, Asphalt et c.)
Concrete Asphalt Recycling Facilities
Notification For Concrete Asphalt Recycling Facilities
Guideline 38 Beneficial Use Of Inert Waste
Inert Waste Beneficial Use Application
Department Of Transportation Projects Inert Waste Beneficial Use Application

Guideline 14 Emergency Waste Disposal Variance Notification: Dead Or Diseased Livestock
Guideline 30 Nutrient Management Plans For Agricultural Processing Facilities
Guideline 31 Management Of Waste Grains, Elevator Screenings And Similar Agricultural Wastes
Guideline 32 Composting Poultry And Other Dead Animals
Nutrient Management Plan Land Application Work Sheet
Permitted Landfills That May Accept Triple Rinsed Or Power Rinsed And Punctured Pesticide Containers

Asbestos Awareness Fact Sheet For Landfill Operators
Approved Landfill Facilities That Will Accept Friable Asbestos Containing Material For Disposal
Asbestos Containing Material Waste Shipment Record
Asbestos Disturbance Within Landfills
Asbestos Waste Manifest Form
Guideline 12 Asbestos Disposal In ND Landfill Facilities

Coal Combustion Waste Regulatory Perspective
Guideline 11 Ash Utilization For Soil Stabilization, Filler Materials And Other Engineering Uses
Review Of Final Report For Demonstration Of Coal Ash For Feedlot Surfaces
Review Of Final Report For Demonstration Of Coal Ash For Feedlot Surfaces Attachment 1

Battery Recyclers

Composting - Commercial
Compost Area Layout
Composting Facilities
Guideline 34 Compost Facility Guidelines

Composting - Residential
Composting In Your Backyard
Recycling Grass Clippings
Using Compost And Wood Chips

Electronic Recycling Facilities

Grease Renderers

Glass Recycling

Infectious Waste
A Guide To Understanding North Dakota's Infectious Waste Regulations
Disposal Tips For Home Health Care
Handle With Care
Infectious Waste Treatment/Disposal Facilities

Landfills - General
All Solid Waste Facilities - searchable and orderable
Application For Open Burning Variance Of Clean Wood At Landfills
Application For A Solid Waste Management Facility Permit
Solid Waste Disposal Facility Permit Processing Diagram
Waste Disposal Variance Application
Emergency Waste Disposal Variance Notification
Debris Removal Guidelines (Household)
Disaster Debris And Demolition Waste Separation
Guideline 1 Emergency Waste Management And Disposal
Guideline 2 Statistical Analysis Of Ground Water Monitoring Data From Solid Waste Management Facilities
Guideline 3 Hydrogeologic Investigations, Ground Water Monitoring Networks, And Ground Water Sampling For Solid Waste Management Facilities
Guideline 4 Recordkeeping And Reporting By Owners Or Operators Of Municipal Waste Landfills
Guideline 4A Recordkeeping And Reporting By Owners Or Operators Of Solid Waste Facilities
Guideline 5 Quality Assurance For Construction Of Landfill And Surface Impoundment Liners, Caps, And Leachate Collection Systems
Guideline 6 Corrective Action Of Solid Waste Management Facilities
Guideline 9 Signs Required At Solid Waste Management Facilities
Guideline 10 Closure Of Old Landfills And Open Dumps
Guideline 13 Information To Include With Disposal Facility Plat
Guideline 17 Wastes Excluded From Acceptance At Landfills
Guideline 18 Financial Assurance Mechanisms For Closure And Post Closure For Publicly And Privately Owned Landfills
Guideline 20 Closure And Post Closure Care Cost Estimates For Publicly And Privately Owned Landfills
Guideline 23 Waste Disposal Variance
Guideline 24 General Native Grass Seeding
Guideline 25 Preliminary Landfill Selection Criteria
Guideline 26 Soil Surveys And Management Of Suitable Plant Growth Material And Plant Rooting Soil For Solid Waste Disposal Facilities
Guideline 28 Evaluating Final Vegetative Cover Of Closed Landfill Areas
Guideline 33 Landfill Operator Certification Continuing Education Program
Guideline 40 Waste Transportation Acceptance And Spillage Issues For Solid Waste Facilities
Landfill Development Sequence
Notice Of Waste Disposal
Transfer Stations
Typical Landfill Layout
Pay As You Throw In North Dakota

Landfills - Industrial
Guideline 19 Liability Requirements For Industrial Waste Landfills
Industrial Waste Landfills

Landfills - Inert
Department Of Transportation Projects Inert Waste Disposal Variance Application
Guideline 16 Operation Of Inert Waste Landfills
Inert Waste Landfill Inspection Checklist
Guideline 22 Inert Waste Disposal Variance
Inert Waste Disposal Variance Applicaton
Inert Waste Facilities
Inert Waste Facility Annual Report
Permit By Rule Landfills
Permit By Rule Notification

Landfills - Municipal
Guideline 4 Recordkeeping And Reporting By Owners Or Operators Of Municipal Waste Landfills
Guideline 8 Variable Rates Or Volume-Based Rates For Municipal Solid Waste Services
Guideline 29 For The Development Of Operating Plans For Existing Municipal Solid Waste Landfills
Landfill Methane Outreach Program
Municipal Solid Waste Facilities

Landfills - Special
Special Waste Landfills

Land Treatment - Refined Petroleum
Guideline 7 Variance For Land Treatment Of Refined Petroleum Contaminated Soil: Single Application Sites
Land Treatment Variance Application
Land Treatment Annual Report
Soil Monitoring Results For Land Treated Petroleum Contaminated Soil
Solid Waste Facilities For Treatment/Disposal Of Refined Petroleum Contaminated Soils

Land Treatment - Septage And Sump Waste
Guideline 39 Septage, Sump And Pit Waste And Restaurant Grease Trap Waste Management
Land Application Worksheet

Metal And Abandoned Vehicles
Dental Metal Recyclers
Guideline 15 Recycling Metal Appliances And Other Scrap Metal
Guideline 37 Environmentally Friendly Auto and Metal Salvage Facilities
License Application Scrap Iron Processor
Instructions For License Application Scrap Iron Processor
Release Of Abandoned Motor Vehicle Scrap Metal
Request For Reimbursement Abandoned Motor Vehicle
Scrap Metal And Auto Recyclers List

Exemption Of Oil And Gas Exploration And Production Wastes From Federal Hazardous Waste Regulations
Guideline 42 Oilfield Exploration And Production Associated Waste Activities
Oilfield Waste Management Facilities

Management Of Appliances Made Chiefly Of Plastic

Community Recycling In North Dakota
Guideline 27 Implementing A Recycling Program
Recycling Works

Guideline 21 Scrap Tire Management

Permit Application For Transporting Solid Waste
All Waste Transporters - searchable and orderable
Waste Rejection Report

Wood Waste Information
Wood Processing Recycling Facilities And Equipment Vendors
Guideline 38 Beneficial Use Of Inert Waste
Inert Waste Beneficial Use Application
Department Of Transportation Projects Inert Waste Beneficial Use Application
Application For Open Burning Variance Of Clean Wood At Landfills

Underground Storage Tank Program

Notification For Underground Storage Tanks
Supplement To Notification For Underground Storage Tanks
Farm And Residential Underground Storage Tanks
Farm Fuel Tank Safety Guide
Periodic Inspection And Testing Time Frames For North Dakota 2018 Underground Storage Tank Requirements
Implementation Time Frames For North Dakota 2018 Underground Storage Tank Requirements
Operating And Maintaining Underground Storage Tank Systems
Leak Detection, Corrosion Protection,Compliance And Operator Training For 2019 - Regulatory Requirement
Monthly Walk Through Inspection Checklist
Monthly Walk Through Inspection Checklist - Impressed Current USTs
Preparation For Opening A Tank And Tank Entry
Sale Or Reuse Of An Underground Storage Tank
Disposal Of Tank Sludge
Disposal Of Wastewater From UST Containment Sump Integrity Testing

Petroleum Tank Release Compensation Fund
North Dakota Petroleum Tank Release Compensation Fund

Corrosion Protection
Corrosion Protection Requirements For Metal USTs
Operation And Maintenance Of Corrosion Protection
UST Cathodic Protection System Evaluation Galvanic (Sacrificial Anode) Type
Cathodic Protection System Evaluation Impressed Current Type
Corrosion Protection Requirements For Steel USTs

Leak Detection
Getting The Most Out Of Your Automatic Tank Gauging System
Manual Tank Gauging For Small Underground Storage Tanks
Manual Tank Gauging Record
Vapor Monitoring
Monthly Vapor Monitoring Log
Secondary Containment With Interstitial Monitoring (Tanks And Piping)
Monthly Electronic Line Leak Detector Record
Monthly Piping Interstitial Monitoring Record
Monthly Interstitial Monitoring Log For Double Walled Tanks
Monthly Visual Inspection Of Piping Sump Record
Pressurized Piping Requirements
Sample Monthly Inventory Control Record
Statistical Inventory Reconciliation Vendors
Testing Requirments For Automatic Line Leak Detectors
Annual Line Tightness Testing
Annual UST Walkthrough Inspection Checklist
Containment Sump Integrity Testing Form
Electronic Line Leak Detectors
Electronic Line Leak Detectors Performance Testing
Groundwater Monitoring
Interstitial Monitoring Of Double-Walled Sumps
Automatic Tank Gauge Operation Inspection
Manual Tank Gauging
Manual Tank Gauging Record
Mechanical LLD Performance Tests
Monthly Interstitial Monitoring For Tanks
Monthly Monitoring Of Piping Sumps
30 Day Walkthrough Inspections
Overfill Prevention Equipment Functionality Testing
Spill Bucket And Sump Integrity Testing
Spill Bucket Integrity Testing Hydrostatic Testing Method
Spill Bucket Integrity Testing Vacuum Test Method
Statistical Inventory Reconciliation (SIR)
UST Overfill Equipment Inspection - Automatic Shutoff Device
UST Overfill Equipment Inspection - Ball Float Valve
Vapor Monitoring
Vapor Monitoring Log

Spill Bucket Operation And Maintenance

Class C Operator Training Handout
Class C Operator Training Checklist

Investigations Of Contaminant Release Sites
Environmental Site Investigation Report

Site Assessment Procedures For Abandoned (Closed In Place) Tanks

Procedures For The Collection Of Soil Samples At UST Sites
Procedures For Headspace Analysis Of Gasoline Contaminated Soils

Laboratory Analysis Of Samples Taken From Petroleum Release Sites

Handling Petroleum Contaminated Soil
Proper Land Treatment Of Petroleum Product Contaminated Soils

Cleanup Action Levels For Gasoline And Other Petroleum Hydrocarbons
Underground Storage Tank Contractors

Temporary Closure Of An Underground Storage Tank
Permanent UST System Closure And Changes In Service

Underground Storage Tank Closure Form
Supplement To Underground Storage Tank Closure Form
UST Systems Closed Prior To December 22, 1988

Fuel Sampling/Biofuels
Certification Of Biofuels Blender Pump Installation
Fuel Product Posting Rules
UST Conversion For Storage And Dispensing Of Biofuels

Antifreeze Regulations
Request For Authorization To Sell Bulk Antifreeze
Authorization For Registration Of Antifreeze