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Flood Response
Air Quality Issues Regarding Proper Disposal of Animals with Chronic Wasting Disease (CWD)

Environmental Review Advisory Council

Applications are being accepted for service on the Environmental Review Advisory Council. The council was established in accordance with NDCC 23.1-01-02 to advise the North Dakota Department of Environmental Quality (NDDEQ) in carrying out its duties. The council is tasked with reviewing and making recommendations to the department regarding rules and standards of environmental quality, as well as any other matter relating to environmental quality the council deems appropriate. The council consists of the state engineer, state geologist, and director of the game and fish department who serve as ex officio members. The director of NDDEQ is the executive secretary for the council. Under NDCC 23.1-01-02, 10 additional members of the Environmental Review Advisory Council are appointed by the governor as follows:


  • Representative of county or municipal government
  • Representative of manufacturing or agricultural processing
  • Representative of solid fuels industry
  • Representative of liquid and gas fuels industry
  • Representative of crop agriculture
  • Representative of the waste management industry
  • Representative with an agronomy or soil sciences degree
  • Representative of the thermal electric generators industry
  • Representative of the environmental sciences
  • Representative of the livestock industry


Individuals may apply under the “Application Form for Boards and Commissions” section on the governor’s website at   Interested individuals may also contact the Office of the Director at NDDEQ at 701-328-5150 for more information.