Plans and Specifications Review (Drinking Water and Wastewater)

The North Dakota Department of Environmental Quality, Division of Municipal Facilities, is responsible for approval, prior to construction, of all water supply and wastewater projects in North Dakota for public water systems (PWSs). This includes any publicly- or privately- owned system that serves or may serve PWSs such as businesses, campgrounds, commercial facilities, crew camps, mobile home parks, recreational vehicle parks, and subdivisions. Systems that do not qualify as a PWS must still comply with applicable local and other state requirements.

Drinking Water Design Standards

Wastewater Design Standards

Other Division of Municipal Facilities Policies, Memos, and Guidance Documents

Please note that the design engineer may need to be utilized to provide construction inspection services.  The Division of Municipal Facilities does not provide construction inspection and may include the following proviso as part of the approval requirements.

  • Upon construction completion, you, or an authorized representative of your firm, shall provide written certification to this office that the construction was completed in accordance with the approved plans and specifications.