Groundwater Monitoring Programs

The Agricultural and Western Groundwater Monitoring Programs were established to determine the impacts on the state’s groundwater quality by agriculture and oilfield activities, respectively, while maintaining baseline descriptions of general water chemistry in these areas. Both programs monitor surficial aquifers that are more vulnerable to these types of contamination. Many North Dakotans rely on groundwater sources, especially surficial aquifers, for drinking water and various other uses; ensuring the state’s water stays free of contamination helps preserve the water for these uses both now and in the future.

Groundwater Monitoring Program Map Viewer

Agricultural Groundwater Monitoring Program

The Agricultural Groundwater Monitoring Program was established in 1992 to monitor North Dakota’s groundwater for agricultural contaminants, including nitrates and pesticide compounds. Groundwater samples from wells within the aquifers are also analyzed for general water chemistry and trace metal parameters. The program includes over 800 wells spread across approximately 50 surficial aquifers. Aquifers are sampled once every five years. The North Dakota Department of Environmental Quality (NDDEQ) prioritized the aquifers for sampling using the department’s Geographic Targeting System, which ranks aquifers based on their vulnerability, sensitivity, and risk of agricultural contamination. The NDDEQ samples the aquifers every five years. See the publications tab above for available program monitoring results.

Western Groundwater Monitoring Program

The Western Groundwater Monitoring Program was established in 2013 to monitor North Dakota’s groundwater for signs of contamination resulting from increased oilfield activities in the Bakken area of northwestern North Dakota.  The NDDEQ analyzes groundwater samples for gasoline and diesel range hydrocarbons; benzene, toluene, ethylbenzene, and xylenes; bromide; strontium; chloride; and other trace metal and general water chemistry parameters. The program includes over 120 wells spread across approximately 20 surficial aquifers. The NDDEQ samples the aquifers every 1.5 years. Surficial aquifers that have monitoring wells available and fall within counties with oilfield activity were included in the program. See the publications tab above for available program monitoring results.

Groundwater Monitoring Program Map Viewer

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Water Quality Division Employee Email List (click to expand)

Last Name First Name E-Mail Address Program Phone
Anderson Carl WQ Ground Water Monitoring 701-328-5213
Budde Nick WQ Ground Water Monitoring 701-328-5267
Christensen Emily WQ Watershed Management 701-328-5243
Collins Jim WQ Watershed Management 701-328-5161
Crowdus Kory WQ Spill Investigation 701-328-5202
DeVries Sam WQ NDPDES Permitting 701-328-5215
DeVries Taylor WQ Spill Investigation 701-328-5236
Espe Brady WQ NDPDES Permitting 701-328-5228
Gleich Casey WQ Ground Water Monitoring 701-328-4164
Gross Joe WQ Watershed Management 701-328-5292
Grossman Dallas WQ NDPDES Permitting 701-328-5242
Haroldson Marty WQ NDPDES Permitting 701-328-5234
Harries Alison WQ Ground Water Monitoring 701-328-5217
Harrison Kylee WQ NDPDES Permitting
Husband Heather WQ Watershed Management 701-771-7367
Jeannotte Tyson WQ NDPDES Permitting 701-328-5219
Joynt Emily WQ NDPDES Permitting 701-328-5239
Kaiser Don WQ Spill Investigation 701-328-5151
Kari Julianna WQ NDPDES Permitting
Lachenmeier Emilee WQ NDPDES Permitting 701-328-5240
Larsen Aaron WQ Watershed Management 701-328-5230
Lund Dylan WQ Spill Investigation 701-328-5169
May Rebecca WQ Watershed Management
Nett Joseph WQ Watershed Management 701-328-5227
Olson Paul WQ Ground Water Monitoring 701-328-5233
Rockeman Karl Water Quality Division 701-328-5225
Roth Taylor WQ Ground Water Monitoring 701-328-5294
Sanda Joanie Water Quality Division 701-328-5210
Sandness Greg WQ Watershed Management 701-328-5232
Schick McKenzie WQ Watershed Management 701-328-5288
Schuett Patrick WQ NDPDES Permitting 701-328-5235
Stockdill Scott WQ Spill Investigation 701-328-5241
Strommen Rachel WQ NDPDES Permitting 701-328-5244
Suess Bill WQ Spill Investigation 701-328-5216
Suggs Shannon WQ Ground Water Monitoring 701-328-6409
Waldron Feld Sarah WQ NDPDES Permitting 701-328-5237
Wax Peter WQ Special Projects 701-328-5268
Wert Joshua WQ Watershed Management 701-328-5214