Permit Portal

The Division of Air Quality maintains an air permitting database; permit records contained in the database can be viewed on-line and printed by following the links below. Facilities listed in the database include those with general permits, minor sources, synthetic minor sources, and Title V (major) sources.

If a permit you are looking for is not available on-line contact Rheanna Kautzman at 701-328-5186 or email

To review and comment on Construction and Operating Permits that are open for Public Comment see:
Public Comments & Notices

Construction Permits

Permit to Construct (PTC)

Questions related to a specific Construction Permit call Craig Thorstenson at 701-328-5198 or by email at

For information or questions related to Construction Permitting see our Construction Permitting page.

To check the status of a construction permit application see our PTC In-Progress page.

Operating Permits

Permit to Operate (PTO)

Information contained in the database includes facility location information, and permittee contact information.

Questions related to a specific Operating Permit should be directed to the State Air Quality Contact for a given facility (name provided in the database table).

For general Operating Permit questions see our Operating Permit page.

List of North Dakota Dry Cleaning Facilities (.xlsx)

Note: The Air Quality permitting database is very large and the reports will contain an extensive number of records. For more information or questions concerning the Air Quality database contact the North Dakota Department of Environmental Quality at 701-328-5186 or email Rheanna Kautzman (

Last Updated: 01/10/2020