Revised Total Coliform Rule (RTCR)

The Revised Total Coliform Rule (RTCR) requires that all public water systems (PWSs) within the state test for bacterial contamination monthly. When certain bacteria are confirmed to be present in drinking water, an assessment of the system is conducted to identify the source/s of the problem and to determine what corrective actions need to be taken to resolve the issue. There are two types of assessments, level 1 and level 2, which are conducted based upon the severity of the contamination detected. Assessments are used to find sanitary defects that could provide pathways of entry for microbial contamination or to find failures of protective barriers against microbial contamination. The state holds water systems accountable for timely completion of all corrective actions identified during assessments

Josh Seerup

Rule Manager - Assessments/Site Plans/Start-up Procedures

P: 701-328-5257