Lead in Schools

A Proactive Effort to Protect the Health and Safety of North Dakota School Children

NDDEQ is committed to the health of North Dakota children and healthy drinking water in schools. NDDEQ is coordinating with multiple state and local agencies, public water systems and public schools to proactively conduct a statewide voluntary screening program for the presence of lead in school drinking water.

NDDEQ currently has EPA grant funds available to test lead in drinking water fixtures within public school facilities throughout North Dakota. These funds are intended to support administrators that apply  and meet the grant requirements to help off-set the cost of samples to test lead in drinking water.

If interested in participating in this program and to start the application process Click Here

The Concern

Lead is a highly toxic metal that can cause adverse health effects for both children and adults. Lead exposure can affect nearly every system in the body and can increase children’s risk for learning disabilities, central nervous system damage, kidney damage and other detrimental health effects. Most children spend a significant portion of their day in schools, and many school buildings are aging structures that can pose lead health hazards. Sources of potential lead exposure include lead-based paint, imported spices and candies, antique furniture and toys, and leaching from plumbing materials.

For More Information:
North Dakota Department of Environmental Quality
c/o School Lead Hazards Survey
918 East Divide Avenue
Bismarck, ND 58501-1947

email: leadinschools@nd.gov
Lead Based Paint Program - 701-328-5188
Drinking Water Program - 701-328-5211