Operator Reimbursement

The Operator Expense Reimbursement Fund is available to help small public water systems meet the requirements of the Safe Drinking Water Act by providing funding for approved drinking water-related operator training events and materials.

LeeAnn Tillotson

Rule Manager

P: 701-328-5293
E: ltillots@nd.gov


  • Who is eligible to apply for reimbursement?
    • Persons operating community and non-transient non-community public water systems serving 3,300 people or fewer who are required to undergo training and certification pursuant to the operator certification guidelines may apply for reimbursement. This may include those who are certified, or those who assist their system by doing hands-on work in the absence of the drinking water operator in direct responsible charge.
  • What expenses may be reimbursed?
    • Expenses incurred while attending Department-approved drinking water operator training events such as registration fees, lodging, per diem, certification exam fees, mileage and training materials (such as books and manuals). Please refer to both sides of the voucher form for allowable expenses, amounts and instructions. Please note that some items require the submission of an appropriate receipt.
  • Are expenses pertaining to wastewater operator training reimbursable?
    • No. Expenses related to wastewater training, exams and materials are not reimbursable at this time. The Operator Expense Reimbursement fund is currently available to refund expenses pertaining to Department-approved drinking water operator training events, exam fees and materials only.