Boiler Inspection Program

David Glatt

Director, Department of Environmental Quality

The Boiler Inspection Program provides initial and periodic inspections of boilers of all sizes, types and pressures. Originated in 1953, the Boiler Inspection Program is responsible for the inspection and safe repair of boilers installed in public and commercial locations. Technical advice and engineering assistance are provided to installers, repair firms, operators and owner/users.

Nominal fees are collected to fund the inspection activity. Coordination of inspections with insurance companies allows qualified insurance company "special inspectors" to participate in making required inspections and prevent duplication of services.

As of Nov. 7, 2017, there are 11,442 active boilers subject to regular inspection in the state, including 8,357 hot water heating boilers, 1,854 hot water supply boilers, 834 steam heating boilers, 346 power and process boilers, and 51 historical (hobby) boilers.

For more information, contact:

Beth Jacobson
Program Director
(701) 328-5154

Trevor Seime
Chief Boiler Inspector
(701) 220-4723

Nicolle Fowler
Deputy Boiler Inspector
(701) 541-2113

Renee Skraba
Deputy Boiler Inspector
(701) 400-1043

Vince Rolczynski
Deputy Boiler Inspector
(701) 781-0528


Application for a Hobby Boiler License (SFN 58784)

Application for a Hobby Boiler License Examination (SFN 58785)

Boiler Inspection Report (SFN 10706)

Boiler or Water Heater Installation Report (SFN 59530)

Hobby Boiler License Affidavit and Application (SFN 58786)

National Board of Boiler and Pressure Vessel Inspectors

North Dakota Boiler Rules

Renewal of a Hobby Boiler License (SFN 60444)

North Dakota Boiler Inspection Program - Installation Matrix 
Oct. 10, 2017

Boiler Installation Presentation
Feb. 2018

2018 Boiler Operator Training Presentation

2018 Boiler Operator Training Brochure


Department of Environmental Quality
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Bismarck, ND 58501

H: Monday - Friday: 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM
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Office of the Director Employee Email List

Last Name First Name E-Mail Address Program Phone
Fowler Nicolle DEQ Boiler Inspection 701-541-2113
Fritz Ann Directors Office
Glatt Dave Directors Office
Haberstroh Gary Directors Office
Jacobson Beth DEQ Grants & Boilier Inspection
Johnson Allen Directors Office
Kvislen Carolyn Directors Office
Miller Melissa Directors Office
Piper Dianna Directors Office 701.328.5210
Rolczynski Vincent DEQ Boiler Inspection 701-781-0528
Sandvick Duane PTRCF Program 701.328.5191
Seime Trevor DEQ Boiler Inspection 701-220-4723
Skraba Renee DEQ Boiler Inspection 701-400-1043

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