Spill Investigation Program

Environmental Incident Reporting

Spill Reporting

Any spill or discharge of liquid or solid (not gaseous) waste which may cause pollution of waters of the state must be reported immediately (NDAC 33-16-02.1-11 paragraph 4, bottom of page 18). The owner, operator, or person responsible for a spill or discharge must notify the department as soon as possible or the Department of Emergency Services. Depending on the severity of the spill or accidental discharge, the department may require the owner or operator to:

  • Take immediate remedial measures;
  • Determine the extent of pollution to waters of the state;
  • Provide alternate water sources to water users impacted by the spill or accidental discharge; or
  • Any other actions necessary to protect human health and the environment.

Reportable Quantities

  • Specific minimum quantities for mandatory reporting of spills have not been established.

Contact Numbers

  • North Dakota Department of Environmental Quality (1-701-328-5210)
  • North Dakota Oil and Gas Division (1-701-328-8020)
  • North Dakota Department of Emergency Services (1-701-328-8100) or (1-833-99SPILL (1-833-997-7455) State Radio 24-Hour Hotline - valid only in North Dakota.)

If there is any question as to proper response call one of the listed agencies and provide all relevant information about the incident.

 (Includes Non-exempt Oilfield Related Incidents)

Emergency Response

Some releases may require immediate response by trained emergency personnel. This will be coordinated through the Department of Health, Division of Emergency Management and any other state or local emergency response agencies that may be needed.

Environmental Investigation and Cleanup

Some releases may require additional investigation beyond initial clean up to determine full impacts to the environment.  This may include soil borings and samples, monitoring wells and groundwater samples, etc. 

Investigations of Contaminant Release Sites  (11/06 pdf format)

Environmental Site Investigation Report  (11/06 pdf format)

Cleanup Standards

Action levels have been set for petroleum compounds and drinking water maximum contaminant levels may also be used as action levels.  Final standards for cleanup are determined on a case-by-case basis, depending on the contaminant involved and potential for risk to human health and the environment.

Cleanup Action Levels for Gasoline and Other Petroleum Hydrocarbons  (12/06 pdf)

Property Transfer Assessments

If any type of soil or water contamination is found during a property transfer assessment, or in the course of any other activity, that contamination must be reported to the Department of Environmental Quality.  The fact that it may have been a previously unknown, or historic release does not eliminate the reporting requirements.

Water Quality Division Employee Email List (click to expand)

Last Name First Name E-Mail Address Program Phone
Anderson Carl cjanders@nd.gov WQ Ground Water Monitoring 701-328-5213
Becker Sarah WQ Spill Investigation 701-328-9151
Brazil Emily ebrazil@nd.gov WQ Watershed Management 701-328-5296
Delzer Alexis adelzer@nd.gov WQ NDPDES Permitting 701-328-5282
Espe Brady bespe@nd.gov WQ NDPDES Permitting 701-328-5228
Gilley Cameron cgilley@nd.gov WQ NDPDES Permitting 701-328-5210
Gleich Casey ctGleich@nd.gov WQ Ground Water Monitoring 701-328-4164
Gross Joe jlgross@nd.gov WQ Watershed Management 701-328-5292
Grossman Dallas dgrossma@nd.gov WQ NDPDES Permitting 701-328-5242
Hanson Lawrence lawrence.hanson@nd.gov WQ NDPDES Permitting 701-328-5291
Haroldson Marty mharolds@nd.gov WQ NDPDES Permitting 701-328-5234
Harrison Kylee kharrison@nd.gov WQ NDPDES Permitting 701-328-5187
Hite Nicole nhite@nd.gov WQ Spill Investigation 701-328-1676
Houle Brian bHoule@nd.gov WQ Watershed Management 701-328-5193
Hulst Annelise ahulst@nd.gov WQ Watershed Management 701-328-1377
Joynt Emily eJoynt@nd.gov WQ Watershed Management 701-328-5239
Kaiser Don dkaiser@nd.gov WQ Spill Investigation 701-328-5151
Kritzberger Ryan rKritzberger@nd.gov WQ Ground Water Monitoring 701-328-9035
Kruske Montana mkruske@nd.gov WQ NDPDES Permitting 701-328-5172
McCauley Jenna Jenna.McCauley@nd.gov WQ Watershed Management
McGee Julia jmcgee@nd.gov WQ Watershed Management 701-328-1380
Miller Meridith meridith.miller@nd.gov WQ Watershed Management 701-328-5166
Nelson Amber amjnelson@nd.gov Water Quality Division 701-328-5210
Novak Emilee ejnovak@nd.gov WQ Watershed Management 701-328-5240
Olson Jaxsyn jaxsyn.olson@nd.gov WQ Watershed Management 701-328-1382
Rockeman Karl krockema@nd.gov Water Quality Division 701-328-5225
Schick McKenzie mschick@nd.gov WQ Watershed Management 701-328-5288
Schiwal Alyssa aschiwal@nd.gov WQ Ground Water Monitoring 701-328-5159
Schuett Patrick pschuett@nd.gov WQ NDPDES Permitting 701-328-5235
Stockdill Scott sjstockdill@nd.gov WQ Spill Investigation 701-328-5241
Strommen Rachel rstrommen@nd.gov WQ NDPDES Permitting 701-328-5244
Suess Bill bsuess@nd.gov WQ Spill Investigation 701-328-5216
Suggs Shannon ssuggs@nd.gov WQ Ground Water Monitoring 701-328-6409
Waldron Feld Sarah sfeld@nd.gov WQ NDPDES Permitting 701-328-5237
Wallery Paige pWallery@nd.gov WQ Spill Investigation 701-328-5243
Wax Peter pwax@nd.gov WQ Special Projects 701-328-5268
Wert Joshua jewert@nd.gov WQ Watershed Management 701-328-5214
Wirth Cherreka cwirth@nd.gov WQ Watershed Management 701-328-9166
Woutat Tanner twoutat@nd.gov WQ Ground Water Monitoring 701-328-5233