Solid Waste Transporter Permitting

A Solid Waste Transporter Permit and decals are required for all transportation of solid waste collected from or delivering to a destination within North Dakota. The application fee is $200 which includes one set of decals. Each additional set of decals is $25/set. Both the permit and decals are good up to 5 years from date of issuance.

To apply or modify/request additional decals for a North Dakota Solid Waste Transporter permit online and pay by credit card click: Online Permit Application for Transporting Solid Waste.

To apply for a North Dakota Solid Waste Transporter permit with print (mail) and pay by check click: Printable Permit Application for Transporting Solid Waste.

For additional information regarding waste transportation contact Derek Hall (701-328-5168;

Waste Rejection Reporting

This report must be filled out by solid waste facilities and transporters when any load of waste is rejected by the facility. The completed form must be telecopied, e-mailed, or mailed within 5 days of rejection. For report click: Waste Rejection Report.

Hazardous Waste Manifesting

The EPA revised the Hazardous Waste Manifest System used to track hazardous waste from a generator’s site to the site of its disposition. Handlers of waste may obtain new forms from any source that has registered with the EPA to print and distribute the form.

For additional information regarding manifesting contact Chris Roob (701-298-4638;

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Waste Transportation
  • If you are transporting Technologically Enhanced Naturally Occurring Radioactive Material (TENORM) or waste contaminated with TENORM, (i.e. filter socks), a TENORM transporter license issued by the NDDEQ Radiation Control Program is required.
  • Oilfield related wastes such as brine/production water, drilling/invert mud, tank-bottoms, pipe scale, and fly-ash (for pit reclamation) are all considered solid wastes and require a transporters permit to haul.
  • For some North Dakota counties (listed here: North Dakota Association of Oil and Gas Counties), an additional LoadPass Permit is required for over-weight, over-dimension, and over-sized vehicles.
  • A solid waste transporter permit is not required for pass-through transportation, which means no waste pick-up or drop-off within North Dakota.
  • Subcontractors may not work under another company’s transporter permit; they must apply for their own.