Landfill Operator Training and Certification

North Dakota's Solid Waste Management Rules require that all municipal waste landfills, municipal waste incinerators, municipal solid waste ash landfills, and special waste landfills which accept primarily oilfield special waste or TENORM waste in North Dakota have a certified operator on-site at all times during facility operation. Also, all industrial waste landfills and special waste landfills which accept primarily coal ash combustion residuals in North Dakota are required to have at least one certified operator whose primary work location is at the facility operation. Subjects covered by this training include site selection, construction and development, waste acceptance, stormwater management, groundwater monitoring and recordkeeping. The course also includes practical exercises and a landfill field trip some years. Operators must be re-certified every three years.

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Inert Waste Landfill Workshop

Many communities in North Dakota operate inert wastes landfills. Inert waste landfills are useful for smaller communities by giving local populations a nearby facility to store major appliances, scrap metal and junk vehicles for future recycling and a landfill that can be used to dispose of bulky waste items such as old furniture, tree branches, concrete, asphalt, wood, bricks, shingles, and tires. This training course prepares people in small communities to operate an inert waste landfill. Subjects included in the training include site selection and development, waste acceptance, composting, operations, and closure/post-closure care.

Solid Waste Education And Training
The Solid Waste Education And Training (SWEAT) program works with educators and education activities in North Dakota to inform the children and citizens of North Dakota about proper waste management. SWEAT can provide a variety of assistance, from printed materials to conducting on-site presentations.

For more information, contact Diana Trussell.

Waste Screening Training

North Dakota's Solid Waste Management Rules require operators of solid waste landfills and incinerators to implement a program to detect and prevent the disposal of regulated hazardous wastes and other prohibited wastes. The course offers valuable information on the concepts and practices that are needed to properly perform inspections of incoming loads of waste and will demonstrate the importance of random load inspections by explaining the different classifications of wastes, the identification of wastes and the procedures for conducting random inspections.

Training Presentations