No Moving Violations

The Division has been contacted by businesses and residences that are moving or relocating to new facilities or homes. In response to these inquiries, the Division has suggestions on making the move easier.

Things to do before you move:

  1. When packing: take only the things you have room for, that you have used in the recent past and that you are willing to pay to have moved.
  2. Use up existing stocks and supplies, such as office supplies, chemicals, raw materials and advertising.
  3. Purge old materials. Recycle documents and records that are not used.
  4. Equipment and furniture may be given or sold. Other options include materials exchange, dealer/manufacturer returns.
  5. Mailing lists should be contacted regarding your change of location. This gives you an opportunity to update other groups you belong to.
  6. Arrange to have all wastes disposed prior to moving.

Things to do after your move:

  1. Get to know you new neighbors and services including recycling opportunities in the local area.
  2. Update and revise any site plans, such as for evacuations or contingencies. Are the same people in charge? Will procedures be similar?
  3. Will you need a new site identification number? Notify that the old number is no longer in use.