The Hazardous Waste Program conducts compliance evaluation inspections at facilities that generate, treat, store, transport, dispose and/or recycle hazardous wastes. The inspection reviews waste management practices and associated documentation. The documentation includes manifests, contractual agreements,  contingency plans, waste analysis results, biennial reports and training records. To review waste management practices, a facility tour is conducted. This consists of visually inspecting the areas where wastes are generated and managed.

After the inspection, the inspector will conduct an exit interview. During the interview, the inspector will note the observations made during the inspection of apparent non-compliance and may give recommendations regarding those items. A Notice Of Inspection form is completed. A facility representative is asked to sign the form as acknowledgement of receipt of a copy of this form.

The Division's policy is to complete the inspection report within 45 days after the inspection. A copy of the report is sent to the facility. Any violations of the Hazardous Waste Management Rules are noted in the report. A time is specified for correcting the deficiencies (usually within 20 days). Facilities are required to correct the violations and submit documentation of how the violations are to be corrected.

A history of non-compliance may lead to escalated enforcement actions being taken. Under the Hazardous Waste Management Rules, fines of up to $25,000 per day per violation may be assessed against the violator.

The Hazardous Waste Program uses a checklist to complete inspections. Facilities may also use this checklist to perform self audits of their waste management activities.

Large Quantity Generator And Treatment, Storage And Disposal Facility Inspection Checklist
Small Quantity And Very Small Quantity Generators Inspection Checklist