North Dakota has 44 providers of mammography services covering 76 locations providing approximately 70,000 mammography examinations each year

Twenty-six cities offer mammography services daily, Monday through Friday. Thirty-five cities offer a somewhat limited service by one of five mobile systems operating throughout North Dakota. Mobile service providers schedule services based on utilization. Frequency can vary from weekly to only once per year for a particular location.

Questions may be addressed to the North Dakota Department of Health at 701.328.5188, or

Mammography Quality Standards Act

United States Congress passed the Mammography Quality Standards Act (MQSA) in 1992 after the Senate Labor and Human Resources Committee found numerous shortcomings in the quality of mammography services. The committee identified inconsistencies in the quality of equipment, staff qualifications, quality assurance procedures and oversight in mammography facilities which threatened the quality of services across the country.

The goal of MQSA was to create a system to correct these shortcomings and ensure that quality mammography would be available to patients everywhere in the country. At the same time, however, MQSA was not intended to close down facilities; it was intended to help them raise their standards of performance. Reducing availability of mammography through overbearing regulation would defeat the underlying purpose of MQSA.

The need to improve our ability to fight breast cancer also led to the development of the final regulations published October 28, 1997, in the Federal Register. These final regulations were developed through a cooperative effort with affected medical communities, consumers and the National Mammography Quality Assurance Advisory Committee (NMQAAC). Interim regulations allowed the MQSA to take effect October 1, 1994.

The US Food and Drug Administration's (FDA) Division of Mammography Quality and Radiation Programs oversees the requirements of MQSA. MQSA requires mammography facilities to have accreditation from an approved accreditation body, be certified by the FDA and undergo an annual inspection.

MQSA requires facilities to meet standards in the following areas:

    • Equipment performance (including image quality and radiation dose)
    • Technologist and physicist quality control/quality assurance tests and tasks
    • Medical audit and outcome analysis records
    • Medical records (mammography reports and films)
    • Personnel qualifications and records

The North Dakota Radiation Control Program (RCP) has a contract with the FDA to inspect mammography facilities in North Dakota. The MQSA inspectors must be certified by the FDA. Certification requires 6 weeks training, as well as the passing of both written and performance evaluations. North Dakota has two certified inspectors. To maintain certification, inspectors must perform a minimum of 12 inspections annually and obtain 15 hours of mammography education every three year period. The FDA conducts audit inspections with each inspector on an annual basis. Annual facility inspections have been conducted since 1992.

Mammography Service Locations

Facility Name



Machine Type

Mobile Service

Anamoose Anamoose 701.720.8421 Digital Mobile
Ashley Medical Center Ashley 701.288.3433 Digital
PHS Indian Hospital Belcourt 701.477.6111 Digital Mobile
Sanford Medical Center Bismarck 701.323.5210 3D
CHI St. Alexius Medical Center Bismarck 701.224.7528 Digital
Mid Dakota Clinic Bismarck 701.530.5550 3D
Mid Dakota Clinic - Gateway Bismarck 701.530.5550 3D
St. Andrew's Health Center Bottineau 701.228.2255 Digital
Bowbells Bowbells 701.720.8421 Digital Mobile
Southwest Health Care Services Bowman 701.523.5265 Digital
Towner County Medical Center Cando 701.968.4411 Digital
Carrington Health Center Carrinton 701.652.7151 Digital
Pembina County Memorial Hospital Cavalier 701.265.8461 Digital Mobile
Cooperstown Medical Center Cooperstown 701.797.2221 Digital Mobile
St.Lukes Hospital Crosby 701.965.6349 Digital Mobile
Altru Clinic - Lake Region Devils Lake 701.662.2158 3D
Premier HealthCare Devils Lake 701.662.8662 Digital Mobile
St. Joseph's Health Center Dickinson 701.456.4253 Digital
Sanford Health Dickinson Clinic Dickinson 701.456.6000 Digital
Drake Clinic Drake 701.720.8421 Digital Mobile
Jacobson Memorial Hospital Elgin 701.584.2792 Digital Mobile
Sanford Clinic Enderlin 701.234.2500 Digital Mobile
Institute of Diagnostic Imaging Fargo 701.478.0305 3D
Essentia Health Fargo 701.364.8200 3D
Sanford Southpointe Fargo 701.234.2500 3D
Sanford Medical Fargo 701.234.2500 3D
Sanford Southpointe Mobile Fargo 701.234.2500 Digital Mobile
Spirit Lake Health Center Fort Totten 701.720.8421 Digital
Garrison Memorial Hospital Garrison 701.463.2275 Digital
Trinity Community Clinic - Garrison Garrison 701.463.2626 Digital
Unity Medical Center Grafton 701.352.1620 Digital Mobile
Altru Health System Grand Forks 701.780.6152 3D
St. Aloisius Medical Center Harvey 701.324.4651 Digital
Sakakawea Medical Center Hazen 701.748.7279 3D
West River Regional Medical Center Hettinger 701.567.6060 Digital
Sanford Clinic - Hillsboro Hillsboro 701.234.2500 Digital Mobile
Regional Medical Center Jamestown 701.952.4852 3D
Sanford Clinic - Jamestown Jamestown 701.253.4016 Digital
Kenmare Community Hospital Kenmare 701.385.4296 Digital Mobile
Cavalier County Medical Center Langdon 701.256.6190 Digital Mobile
Linton Hospital Linton 701.254.4531 Digital
CHI - Lisbon Health Lisbon 701.683.6406 Digital
Johnson Clinic - Maddock Maddock 701.483.2555 Digital Mobile
Sanford North Mandan Clinic Mandan 701.667.5179 Digital
CHI - St. Alexius Mandan North Clinic Mandan 701.530.3740 Digital
Sanford Clinic - Mayville Mayville 701.234.2500 Digital Mobile
Nelson County Health Systems McVille 701.322.4328 Digital Mobile
Trinity Mammography - HCM Minot 701.857.2640 3D
CHI - St. Alexius Medical Clinic Minot 701.854.8055 Digital
Trinity Community Clinic - Mohall Mohall 701.756.6841 Digital Mobile
701. Digital

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The FDA currently maintains a listing of certified mammography facilities (updated weekly).