Ambient Groundwater Monitoring

The maintenance of a baseline description of groundwater quality is an essential element of any statewide comprehensive groundwater protection program. In recent years, concern for the quality of our environment and drinking water has increased as we learn that many states in the country have experienced groundwater contamination from a variety of point and nonpoint sources of pollution. In North Dakota, a large portion of the potable groundwater resource underlies agricultural areas.  Prior to the inception of the Groundwater Monitoring Program in 1992, only limited data was available to assess the impact of agricultural chemicals on the state's groundwater quality. The goal of the Groundwater Monitoring Program is to provide an assessment of the quality of North Dakota's groundwater resources with regard to agricultural chemical contamination. Several glacial drift aquifers have been monitored each year of the program since 1992.  Approximately, the 50 most vulnerable aquifers are included in the program.  This priority ranking was determined through application of the North Dakota Geographic Targeting System. The monitoring conducted in 1996 marked the completion of the first five-year round of monitoring high priority glacial drift aquifers in the state. The second five-year round of monitoring began in 1997, during which time the aquifers sampled five years earlier in 1992 were resampled. Conducting the monitoring on five-year cycles, preferably using most of the same wells for sampling, will provide a temporal assessment of agricultural chemical occurrence in specific aquifers.

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Anderson Carl WQ — Groundwater - Program Manager 701-328-5213
Collins James WQ — Watershed Management - TMDLs 701-328-5161
Crowdus Kory WQ — Spill Investigation 701-328-5202
DeVries Sam WQ — Permits 701-328-5215
Espe Brady WQ — Permits - CAFO/AFO 701-328-5228
Gleich Casey WQ — Groundwater 701-328-4164
Gross Joe WQ — Watershed Management - Database Mgmt 701-328-5292
Grossman Dallas WQ — Permits - Stormwater 701-328-5242
Hargiss Mike WQ — Watershed Management - TMDLs 701.499.5209
Haroldson Marty WQ — Permits - Program Manager 701-328-5234
Harries Alison WQ — Groundwater - Database Mgmt 701-328-5217
Husband Heather WQ — Watershed Management - TMDLs 701.537.2043
Kitzes Edwin WQ — Watershed Management - TMDLs 701-328-5253
Lang Jeremy WQ — Permits - CAFO/AFO 701-328-5219
Larsen Aaron WQ — Watershed Management - Program Manager 701-328-5230
Nett Joe WQ — Watershed Management 701-328-5227
Nieraeth Shawna WQ — Groundwater 701-328-5267
O'Gorman Brian WQ — Spill Investigation 701-328-5177
Olson Paul WQ — Watershed Management 701-328-5233
Peterson Andrew WQ — Groundwater 701-328-5294
Piper Dianna WQ — Administrative 701-328-5210
Rockeman Karl WQ — Director 701-328-5225
Roerick Jeff WQ — Permits - Discharges 701-328-5240
Sandness Greg WQ — Watershed Management - NPS 701-328-5232
Sandvick Duane WQ — Permits - Stormwater 701-328-5260
Schuett Patrick WQ — Permits - Database Mgmt 701-328-5235
Souder Taylor WQ — Spill Investigation 701-328-5236
Stockdill Scott WQ — Spill Investigation 701-328-5241
Strommen Rachel WQ — Permits - CAFO/AFO 701-328-5244
Suess Bill WQ — Spill Investigation - Program Manager 701-328-5216
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Swanberg Samantha WQ — Permits - Stormwater 701-328-5239
Uhlman Jim WQ — Groundwater 701-328-5296
Waldron Feld Sarah WQ — Permits 701-328-5237
Wax Peter WQ — Special Projects 701-328-5268