Welcome All Stewards of North Dakota!

As North Dakotans, we are proud of our clean air, pristine lands and wide-open spaces. We all have a role in keeping our state as clean as possible.

We are pleased to announce the second round of North Dakota Stewards Initiative! The North Dakota Stewards Initiative is a voluntary initiative of the North Dakota Department of Environmental Quality that encourages North Dakotans to make small changes to help us all benefit from a cleaner, more sustainable environment. This year’s contest will run from September 1 - 15.

Below are log forms you can use to help track activities that reduce waste and save energy. The logs were created for a full month so that you can use the daily logs year-round.

Daily Eco Log (pdf)

Daily Eco Log (xlsx)

At the end of the contest you can go the website, 2020 NDStewards Eco Log tabulation form, to enter your savings and be entered to win an award! We look forward to seeing the great things that the citizens of North Dakota have accomplished.

Looking to do more? We created a worksheet for K-12 educators and/or families to use as a guide to reduce food waste.



We have also created a worksheet for high school students. The worksheet focuses on the overall environmental costs that occur throughout the life cycle of a pair of jeans.



North Dakota residents can participate in a survey to become official North Dakota Stewards and receive North Dakota Steward certificates. To participate visit https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/26WNZ7C

For more information about the ND Stewards Initiative, please contact Angela Seligman at 701-328-5291 or aseligman@nd.gov.