Oilfield Environmental Incidents - Recent - Not Contained
This is the data the ND Department of Environmental Quality receives from the Oil and Gas Division whenever an Oilfield Environmental Incident report is filed.
This table contains records for incidents that have occurred over the last 12 months which were not contained, for example, an overflow of the facility boundaries or a leak from a facility pipeline.
Individual reports may be viewed by clicking on the record of interest in the Incident ID column. Individual columns may be sorted by clicking on the header of the column of interest. One barrel = 42 US gallons.

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   Records: 339
Incident IDDate ReportedDate Incident6CountyTwnRngSecWell NameOil VolumeOil UnitsSW VolumeSW UnitsOther VolumeOther UnitsOther ContaminantContained
20191118121017 11/18/201911/17/2019MCKENZIE15309331WOLVERINE FEDERAL 7-31-30TFH15Gallons    ..................No
20191116205610 11/16/201911/16/2019MCKENZIE15009510BB-BELQUIST 150-95-1011H-1       No
20191113133023 11/13/201911/12/2019MCKENZIE15309635ARCHES 24-35H1Barrels     No
20191110171127 11/10/201911/10/2019MCKENZIE14909825PALMER FEDERAL 10-25H    20GallonsDiesel from truckNo
20191111145009 11/11/201911/8/2019WILLIAMS15309920SC-FOSTER 153-99-2932H-1      No release of hydrocarbons seen. Appears a piece of carbon from the flare ignited a fire to the NE of the facility.No
20191108121921 11/8/201911/7/2019MCKENZIE15210212NELSON 3 140Barrels     No
20191107142154 11/7/201911/6/2019DUNN14409525RIFLE FALLS 31-25H6Barrels     No
20191106113932 11/6/201911/5/2019MCKENZIE15010325IRWIN 41-25 CENTRAL TANK BATTERY0Barrels     No
20191105162132 11/5/201911/5/2019MCKENZIE15010214Palmeiro 1-14H4Gallons    Oil No
20191101201017 11/1/201911/1/2019DUNN14609730Little Knife North Madison Unit20Barrels  80BarrelsFresh water from the hot oil truck and the hydrovac truckNo
20191101131222 11/1/201910/31/2019MCKENZIE15209815GUNDERSON 15-22 #3H       No
20191031104735 10/31/201910/31/2019MCKENZIE15310123EDWIN M. DAHL 23-1       No
20191031081500 10/31/201910/30/2019DUNN14409705PATTEN 5B-1-1       No
20191030142335 10/30/201910/30/2019WILLIAMS15410021NASHVILLE 5-21H1Barrels     No
20191031111637 10/31/201910/30/2019WILLIAMS15409507FARM 44X-70Barrels0Barrels   No

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